Training your arms at home is probably one of the most difficult things. You have no weights and there are no effective methods to do it without weights, or at least that’s what we think.

But we are here to prove it wrong! With the best home workout program, there is, you can train your arms better than what you did in the gym.

You can train yourself at home at any time and for any body part. All you need is the motivation to train and nothing can stop your gains.

All we need for these home workouts to build muscles is a rod or a bar, a nice long string and a bag full of weights.


Let’s start off with some bicep routines in the best home workout program. These routines are meant for the days when you are training biceps and triceps on the same day. If you want to train your biceps alone you can refer this bicep routine here. Or you can continue with the same routine and increase some reps and the difficulty.

Chin Ups


We need to warm up the biceps first, now don’t we? Let’s get started with some chin-ups. Chin-ups are the best way to kick off your bicep routine simply because these are simple to execute and at the same time require a lot of effort – it’s a mix of both worlds!

Don’t aim for too many, but aim for full reps and fatigue, that’s what we will do during the course of the entire best home workout program. When you are doing chin-ups, remember to go all the way up, there’s a reason we call them chin-ups, right? So go all the way up, don’t half rep and aim for only a few.

Bicep Curls


Next up in the home workout program to build muscles, the bicep curls. Remember, at the start, we asked for just a bag full of weights. Now, if you don’t have one already just create one and you can use it at any time. If don’t have a bag then just take a water jug or a canister full of water and start lifting it like you would for the bicep curls.

Remember to go the entire length always, don’t half rep and don’t aim for too many reps.

Inclined Facepull

For the incline face-pull, you will need a bar and a long string that you run over that bar. Tie the bag with the string that runs over the bar, you can use two strings too and tie each strap of the bag to one string and viola! You’ve created cable pulley at home that you can do a lot of reps on.

Now just let hold the strings, let your arms face upwards and pull the string towards your face. You should feel a lot of tension in your biceps as you do this. Remember to adjust the weights as you please and got for the full reps during the best home workout program.

Don’t keep the weight too much that you can’t lift or too little that you can do too many reps on them.


Negative Chin Hang

For the negative chin hang, you just need to get in the chin-up posture once again. Don’t pull yourself all the way up but park yourself in the middle, on a spot where you feel a lot of tension in your biceps but can still hold yourself. It might be tough to find the sweet spot but it is generally a little over the mid of the rep.

So just hold yourself there and fight against gravity to keep yourself hanging. It will become difficult with time, just like the abs plank but that is how bodyweight exercises are supposed to be carried out. This is the zero momentum rep and the last variation for biceps in the best home workout program.

The negative chin hang puts a lot of pressure on your longhead as well as shorthead biceps. As you move away from the bar, it creates an extension in the biceps contrary to all the contraction based exercise we just did.


Now, time for some cool tricep routines in the best home workout program. The tricep routines are bit more bodyweight oriented and can be a little more difficult to do, so chose your rep ranges and sets accordingly. And yes, all these workouts are designed if you train biceps and triceps on the same day. If you train triceps separately you can refer to our complete tricep routine or you can just increase the difficulty on these.


Upright Tricep Dips

The upright tricep dips can easily be done in a lot of places in the house. The corner of the kitchen counter is our personal favorite. Just keep one hand on each of the platforms and do the tricep dips.

You can even do the same using two chairs and use the backrest as a bar. Also, if you cannot use either of these then you can do a different version of the tricep dips where you need just one flat platform. Keep both your hands behind you on the platform while your feet are still on the floor and do the monkey tricep dips.

Also, while you are at it remember to do the full reps and don’t aim for many. Do the quality over quantity.

Tricep Pushdown


Do we still have the cables up? We can do the tricep pushdown every easily. Just put the string over a bar or a rod and tie the bag or any other weight to the strings. Remember to use cotton strings or leashes, and not synthetic polymers, though strong it can cut your palms.

Once you are in position for the pulley tricep pushdown just start the workout. Keep adjusting weights as you please. Don’t make it too heavy or too light. Remember to keep the optimal number of repetitions using the 12-10-8 workout regime if you are following it even for the home workout to build muscles.

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Tricep Extensions

The tricep extension can be a little challenging for beginners. For the bodyweight tricep extension, find a platform that is almost as tall as your abdomen or lower chest. Then keep your hands at the edge of the platform and push your legs away from it. Balance as much weight as you can on the platform and then push yourself down.

Let your head go below the platform and then using only the force of your arms to push yourself back up. This would put a lot of pressure on your triceps. Don’t aim for too many reps here again, but on doing a complete rep.

The bodyweight exercise is a lot more difficult than weighted exercise, especially because these look easy to do. This challenge is what makes this workout the best home workout program.


Diamond Pushups

The diamond pushups are up next in the home workout to build muscles. These are a great way to challenge your triceps and your chest. Align your arms at the center of your chest and make a diamond using your thumb and your index finger. Now that you are in position, do the workout like you would normally do for pushups.

At this point in the workout, doing the diamond pushups might be very difficult. But these are a great way to challenge your triceps as well as your chest. Just to add a bit more difficulty touch your chest to your hands when you go down and push all the way up until your arms extend a bit, that is one full rep.

Wrapping Up!

So, whoever said that training arms at home is not possible, share the best home workout program with them and say it out loud that arm workout can be done at home. I agree that we cheated a little bit and used weights, but hey! We did it at home!

If you have decided that you want gains, then nothing can come between you and your gains except you!

Okay, bros and broettes, that it or Cannot Cardio’s take on the home workout to build muscles. Follow us for more such routine for the entire body or more articles on the science of workout!

Remember to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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