Started of as a gym freak, grew into a writer and then thought of sharing everything I’ve learned over the years.

Cannot Cardio – Where You Design Yourself!

Welcome to Cannot Cardio,

Most gym Bros and Broettes don’t know their body types and goals before they join gym. Lifting weights for gaining stamina, prolonged hours on treadmills to lose weight and mass gainers for gaining weight are the most common mistakes amongst beginners.

Cannot Cardio here wishes everyone knows about their bodies and routines that suit them. Everybody is different and needs different ways to challenge the muscle. Following someone’s workout isn’t going to make you. You need a different workout. You need a different diet.

Here at Cannot Cardio – You understand your body. You make your workout. You make your diet. You Design Yourself.

Here at Cannot Cardio!

Learn Your Body

Learn Your Potential

Learn Your Diet

Learn To Design Yourself