If you are stuck at home, or you just to start home workout without equipment from now you the last thing you want to worry about is how would you carry out your workout. So, let’s replicate one of the most commonly used gym equipment today at your home for the best home workout program.

The Cable Pulley!

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If you have just one cable pulley at home you can do a lot of different workouts for biceps, triceps, back and even shoulder. Just we need some materials and a workout bar or even a rod might do the trick. Let’s go step-by-step on what you need to do to make your own cable pulley for the best home workout program.

The Bar

The first thing you need to do before you start the best home workout program is to raise the bar! Okay, that was just a one-time bad joke, okay? Anyway, so you need to put the bar or the rod somewhere high and secure.

If you have a pull-up bar at home this would be easy for you. In case you don’t have a bar, then don’t worry. Just keep a broom somewhere high. Like, keep one end above your refrigerator and the other on a counter. You can even use your wardrobe.

In case your fridge or wardrobe is not that high, don’t worry we can kneel while working out or we can use some really tall chairs.

The Rope

All you need for the rope is a long soft string or a soft rope. Don’t use ropes made of synthetic polymers or something that can cut your hand on rubbing. A thick long cotton string will do the best.

If you or your neighbor has a dog then you can use the dog leash as well. However, that is not a permanent solution unless you have an old leash. As long as you are not locked in your home, or unless you are following the Hikikomori style of life, you can always get out and get a new string.

But in that case, if you are going out, you can also go to the gym too. So let’s skip it.

Anyway just use whatever you have at home. If you don’t have either of these just use wires, for now, and wear gloves if you are going to use old wires that are not connected to anything. They won’t shock you, but you might bruise your hand because of the tension.

The Weight


For weights, you can use a lot of things. For the simplest and the most basic version just use a bag, tie each strap of the bag to a rope and pull the rope over the rod. Now add weights to the bag. You can use old books, water bottles and a lot of different objects to create and adjust weights.

If you have a big water jug or canister at home you can use that for weights as well. Metal objects, old electronics, and books make up a lot of weight just that you should know how to add them and use them as weights.

Wrapping up!

Now that you have your own cable pulley at home you don’t need to worry about home workout without equipment, you have the best equipment one needs. There are queues in the gym to use this!

You can do a lot of different home workout programs!

Okay, bros and broette, that’s it for today from Cannot Cardio on Home Workout Equipment Hacks. Follow us for more such articles and learn the science behind workouts.

Remember to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

Posted by:Sunain Banga

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