There is a common belief that training your biceps at home is difficult if you don’t have any weights at home, we can prove it wrong with some simple tricks and a good and effective workout – the best home workout program for biceps.

We can work a lot of your muscles based on your body weight but adding some homemade weights to the workout will bring good variations in the exercises we will do as a part of the home workout to build muscles. This mix of exercises will bring the best out of your muscles and will be the most effective way to train your biceps at home.

Chin Ups


Let’s start off with some simple chin-ups in the perfect home workout program. Chin-ups are a great bodyweight exercise that can immediately warm your body up and get the biceps going. It puts a lot of pressure on your biceps to pull your body weight up but at the same time puts some pressure on your shoulders as well. If you think of it, chin-ups are just like barbell curls, just that you move instead of the bar.

For chin-ups, remember you are supposed to have your chip above the road, go the full length for each repetition. There is a reason why we call them chin-ups, right? So make your chin go up!

Bicep Curls


Without dumbbells, you cannot do bicep curls, or rather we should say without weights. Because you can technically do lifting exercise without dumbbell all you need is the weight. So, for this, just put some books in a bag and make it so heavy that you can do only about 10-12 repetitions of the bicep curl.

Now, hold the bag from the straps and pull the bag up. Now again, just like the chin-ups, do the complete repetition, pull it all the way up. Also, don’t move your elbows while you do the bicep curls. This completes our second exercise of home workout to build muscles.

Inclined Face-pull


This is supposed to be the best home workout program, how can we do face-pull without equipment and at home?

Can we do Inclined Face-pulls at home? I am not lying we can do it. All you need is a string, like a dog leash or a thick cotton thread or anything that can hold for long. Don’t use nylon or synthetic polymer strings, these are tough but can cut your palms.

So, now that you have the string all you need is a rod or a pull-up bar across which you can hang the string. Now, attach the bag that we made will act like weight and you can use the rod like a pulley, a cable pulley at home.

Get in position and start pulling the straps towards your face with your arms facing upwards. Use one string on each of the bag’s straps and you will be good.

Concentration Curls


You have the bag, right? Still full of weights. You can use it to do some really great concentration curls as a home workout to build muscles. All you need to do is sit on an elevated platform, shorten the bag straps so that they don’t touch the floor and you are good to go.

Just remember to keep the weights in the bag low. Concentrations curls are all about putting more pressure on the biceps using a more concentrated and rigid posture. So, keep the weights low and put both straps in one arm and continue proceeding with the best home workout program.


download (1)

Don’t empty the bag yet! You can do some hammer curls too. You know the drill, keep the weights low, do the full rep and keep one strap in each of the hands. If you don’t want to do the hammer curls you can 21s on the bicep curl. But while doing 21s remember, doing a lot of 21s are not good for you and can stunt your muscle growth in the long run.

Doing them once in a while might be good but the hammer has been good to all of us, always and it will be even in the best home workout program.


Negative Chin Hang

The negative chin hang is you getting up on the bar again in the home workout to build muscles of massive mass. This time instead of doing a chin-up all you need to do it hang from the bar. Don’t go all the way up, because then it will only put pressure on your elbows and palms which we don’t want.

Park yourself midway, there you can feel the most pressure on your bicep and try to hold yourself right there. Hold that position for as long as you can. This would work like an abs plank for the biceps at this point, or the zero momentum rep on a bicep curl.

It would be really hard to hold the position after some time and you will start dropping but the point is to not let go until your arms are completely extended. This puts pressure on your shorthead as well as the longhead biceps.

Wrapping Up!

So, whoever told you that you cannot train your biceps effectively at home, when you are locked in or when it is the quarantine period, share the best home workout program with them.

I agree we cheated a bit and we used a few weighted exercises instead of the bodyweight but you can replace all of these with some bodyweight exercise which we have talked about in our articles about complete bodyweight exercises at home – zero equipment.

Okay, bros and broettes, that’s Cannot Cardio’s home exercise for biceps. Remember if you want, you can do your workout anywhere and in any condition. No one can stop your gains except you.

Remember to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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