Working out on arms without a piece of gym equipment is tough, at least that’s what people tell you. But we can actually prove them wrong and train your triceps right at home in our best home workout without equipment program.

With this simple yet effective exercises where we use your body weight to train. But just keeping bodyweight to the best home workout program is going to make it repetitive and after a point, there will be no change in the workout. We can do gym workout too, all we need is a bar and bag full of weights and learn some tricks from at home workouts to build muscles.


Upright Tricep Dips

The triceps dips can be done anywhere at any time. You can use your kitchen counter’s corner to do this. Just stand by the corner and place one arm on each platform and lift your body up, now just do the upright tricep dips the way you generally would.

If you don’t have a corner in your kitchen counter you can still do it two chairs kept a sufficient distance and lift your body up using the backrest. If you don’t have chairs either then instead of upright tricep dips you can do a different version where you need just a straight platform.

Keep your hands behind you and keep your feet on the floor. Push yourself up and go down and that’s a simpler version of the tricep dips commonly know as the monkey tricep dips.

Tricep Pushdown


For this variation, you need just one rod, a long string, a pull-up bar, and a bag full of weights. These weights could be anything, books, water bottles, or just metal utensils. Make sure the long string is not made of nylon or synthetic polymers, these are strong but can cut your palms. Cotton strings and even dog leashes will do the trick.

Just tie one string on each of the straps of the bag, pull the straps from over the bar and you have created a pulley mechanism. Now, these could do a lot of things but we will focus on doing the pulley bar down right now.

So just stand in position and pull the weights down. Do, a few sets, don’t forget to change the weights as you please.

If you did not understand how to make a home pulley, then follow our in-depth guide on it. Even though this is not technically a home workout without equipment, you are using stuff at your home and you have no gym equipment. So, it counts!

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Tricep Extensions

Next up in the best home workout program are the bodyweight tricep extension, and these can turn out to be a challenge. For this, you need an elevated platform that ends near your abdomen or lower chest. Now place your hands on the edge of the platform and push your legs away from it. Balance as much weight on your hands as you comfortably can.

Once you are ready, push your head down, make sure it goes below the edge of the platform and then push yourself back up using your arms only.

This will create a nice pressure in your triceps all on the bodyweight.


Overhead Tricep Extension

You’ve still got your bag full of weight right? We can do some overhead tricep extensions as well in our home workout to build muscles for triceps. You can use the bag as one-handed or two-handed weight and start lifting for some overhead tricep extensions – best home workout without equipment.

Remember to keep the weights heavy so that you cannot do too many reps, but not too heavy that you cannot move it. Also, when you are at it, make sure you extend your arms completely, all the way until your elbows are completely straight. Make sure you don’t do half reps or it will be pointless to follow the best home workout program.


Diamond Pushups

The diamond pushups are another great way to challenge your body. Make a diamond with your hands, using the thumb and the index finger and just do the regular dips.

The diamond pushups are a great way to challenge your triceps as well as your chest. It is one of the best home workouts to build muscle. It might become a bit too difficult to manage at this part of the workout, so aim for only a few repetitions but do the full rep. Go all the way down and push up until you feel an extension in your arm.

Planche Pushups

The Planche Pushup is another great exercise to train the triceps, and fit in our best home workout program. These are in a few ways and extension of the tricep dips. For planche pushups keep your hands right next too you, not too wide and neither too close. Now make your fingers point at your toes instead of facing in front.

And that is the position for a place pushup. Now just do the reps like you would for a regular pushup. After the diamond pushups and the entire workout, these could be really difficult to do but that is the beauty of bodyweight exercise.

Aim for only a few reps but do the full repetitions. Half reps won’t cut the trick if you are doing home workouts to build muscles.

Wrapping Up!

Closing out on the best home workout program for triceps, whoever told you that you cannot work on your triceps sitting at home lied to you. Share this workout with them and show them that an effective home workout to build muscles can be done!

You don’t need some fancy gym or equipment to train yourself. You can train yourself anywhere at any time. Even if you cannot go to the gym or you are locked at home because of quarantine or any other reason. If you want to do workout, nothing can stop your gains except you.

Okay, bros and broettes, that’s it about Cannot Cardio’s take on the home routine for triceps. Keep following us for more such amazing articles on home workout and the science of workout.

Remember to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!


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