After a few days in quarantine, you’ve realized you have a lot of time on your hands and a lot of time to just sit idle and stare at your protruding belly. There’s a limit to how much you can binge-watch on Netflix and how many hours you can spend in gaming. You want to start working with the best home workout programs your belly which is growing even further because of the house arrest.

The idea of self-isolation and quarantine has finally started to take over and slowly we are realizing it is going to be a task to be locked inside the door. Or if you are just used to this pattern and don’t want to get out of your house.

Besides some of you cannot go to the gym and follow a full-fledged plan of gym routine for beginners.

While we all are still trying to figure out how to balance between work and home or bodies are having a tough time adapting to the routine.

But you are confused that how will you follow a home workout with no equipment, don’ worry we got you covered. So here is Cannot Cardio’s take on how you can make the best of it while you workout from home and follow the home workout for beginners.

The Plan


The plan for the workout is pretty straight forward, you need to work each and every muscle of your body and you need to bring some variation in your life while you do the home workout with no equipment.

Also, the home workout for beginners needs to be pretty simple, since you are starting workout now and you haven’t been to the gym ever or you haven’t worked out in a while. Or in the best case, you have been to the gym only for a few weeks and then the Quarantine locked you in.

There is little you can do in a home workout with no equipment, no weights when it comes to gaining those big biceps, but you can sure tone your body, reduce your weight and work on your general fitness.

There will be two workouts to keep you variety. A “Workout A” and a “Workout B” which would work on different muscles of your body, have a different level of difficulty, and not tire you out. The variety will keep you entertained and your muscles trained. Nothing too intensive here, just keeping up with general physique and fitness with the best home workout program.

Workout A and Workout B can be done alternatively throughout the week in the home workout for beginner’s plan. Say you start off from Monday with workout A, then take Workout B on Tuesday. Finally, wrapping up the week with Workout A on Friday and Workout B on Saturday and Sunday is a day off. You don’t really need a day off on a light schedule, but as a practice, one rest day a week.

Here we are just looking for a home workout for beginners to get into shape without being burned out to a point where you can’t move after the workout neither it is too light that you don’t even feel it.

The indoor workout will work only for toning the body and for general fitness and not for great gym gains. This is a beginner level workout.

Workout A

The Workout will not take more than 45-60 minutes. At best

Warmup – Step-up

Let’s warm up the body before we get into the best home workout program, we will start off with some light workout. Just enough to warm the body up nothing too intensive.

For step-up, use a small elevation and put your one leg up then the other and then fall back down. Do 25 reps with right leg going first and 25 reps with left leg going first, or go alternate. 2-3 sets of step-up would be more than enough.

Step-up is a great way to work your anterior leg muscle as well. Make sure the steps should not be very high here otherwise it becomes a leg workout more than a cardio workout.

Legs – Basic Squats

Let’s keep the workout for the legs light as this is the home workout for beginner level. When you have been quarantined for a while or you are following the hikikomori culture and you don’t know what you are supposed to do.

Just stand straight like you normally would and keep your legs aligned with the hips and squat. Keep your hands stretched out or close to your chest, whatever suits you.

Try for 20 reps repeated in 2-3 sets of workout.

Back – Pull-ups/Door Pull-ups

Pull-ups are next in our queue for the workout. You need a bar at home to perform this workout. Pull-ups would work your back and trapezius muscles and give you good gains.

If you don’t have a bar at home, then cling your hands onto the door handles, your toes resting against the door and your body leaning away, as much as possible. Now, pull yourself up towards the door until your nose touches the door and then repeat.

You can do the same variation holding a pole or a pillar.

Since pull-ups are difficult in the beginner stage, you can decide your own reps. 8-15 reps would be an ideal scenario. For door pull-ups, go for 20-25 reps. Repeat across 3 sets.

Chest – Push-Ups


Next up in the best home workout program, chest. There couldn’t be a better workout for chest other than pushups. Indoors or in the gym, pushups are definitely the most effective workout for chest. So, we are, of course, going to follow these. If you feel a bit positive today then you can even keep your feet on an elevated platform and do flat pushups.

Aim for as many as you can and do 3 sets.

Shoulder – Shoulder Circles

Shoulder circles are a very common workout done in gyms as well, and the best in the home workout with no equipment. Since the workout needs weight, you’ll need some weights but since the workout needs only light weights to make it tough, even a bottle of water will do the trick.

1-liter bottle of water weighs 1kg and that would do the trick. Just spread your arms open and stand in the T-pose, hold a bottle in each hand and move the arms in circles.

3 sets and about 25 – 35 rotations each would do the trick.

Arms – Diamond Push-ups

Just like most of the workouts so far, no workout in the home workout for beginners routine would focus solely on one part of the body. All workouts are body-weight workouts so most of the time, each workout works at least two or more body parts since body movements are complex.

We already have some bicep fatigue from the push-ups and door pulls, let’s make it easier for the biceps now and work those triceps.

For diamond pushups, make a diamond using your hands, with the thumb and index finger, keep it at the center and just pushup. The movement works your central pecks as well as triceps.

Do as many as you can, and do at least 3 sets. The lift is not going to be that easy at this part of the workout.

Core – Levitating Crunches

Next up, core workout. The levitating crunches work on the entire central abdomen. Lay down like you would for regular crunches with your legs curled. Lift your shoulders up from the ground and that’s a levitating crunch.

Levitating crunch reps are easy, go for 35-45 reps a set, and at least 3 sets.

Cardio – Jumping Jacks, Butt Kicks, High-Knee March

1861413 (1)

That’s it, we are done with the major part of the best home workout program. Now since your body is already warm, and you haven’t moved out of your house in weeks now, let’s burn some calories while we are at the home workout for beginners.

We can start off with some jumping jacks, spread your arms too when you jump. If you can’t jump switch up the jumping jacks with toe touch jacks.

Don’t pause!

Let’s do some butt kicks, at least 30-40 of them in one run and then be ready to quickly switch up.

Don’t Pause!

Let’s go, go, go have those high knees. If you don’t know how high to go or if you think the height of the kick drops every few kicks, then keep your hands for reference, it always helped me.

And that’s one set. We are planning to do at least 3 of these.

You can rest between the sets but the rapid workout burn would be preferred because we are in a home workout with no equipment. We can’t rest and be able to use some equipment to aid the calorie burn.

Workout B

untitled-infogr_45248225 (1)

Warmup – Bunny Hops

Let’s get the muscles heated up before we start with the workout. You haven’t moved around a lot so jump until you feel that you have your heart racing, but just a bit, do not to lose out too much energy in the first few minutes of the workout.

If you can’t bunny hop because of knee issues, switch up, make some changes in the home workout for beginners, and add some toe touches and climbers.

Legs – Lunges

In workout A, where we managed those squats, let’s takeĀ  a different variation and take up the lunges.

If you want, you can add weight to your lunges with some filled up water bottles. However, just remember don’t take steps that are too long or too short.

Aim for 15 reps on each leg and 3 sets

Back – Back Widows

The back widow is a variation most of you might not be familiar with. Lay down on the floor, keep your elbows on the floor and your fists facing upwards. Now, lift your body up with your elbows.

Push the elbows down to lift your back up. Do not use your abs to lift your body, only the elbows. The workout works on the trapezius muscles right from the top trapezius all the way down to the blades. Keep your head up through the workout.

Let’s aim for 10-15 reps and 2-3 sets

Chest – Declined Pushups

For the declined chest pushup, keep your feet up on an elevated platform. The feet should be higher than your head for it to be a decline pushup. Once your feet are in place and you are comfortable, do the pushups.

The decline pushup works your upper pecs. The idea can be counter-intuitive but realize that you are facing upside down, unlike when you are on the gym bench. The workout will work reversed too.

If you get tired switch to flat pushups where your feet line up with your head. Attempts as many as you can and do 3 sets

Shoulder – Power Push Away

Next up in the best home workout program are shoulders. The power push away is one of the most effective shoulder ball workout that can be done at a beginner state without any problem.

For the power push away, get down into the pushup position. Now, go down and then instead of pushing back up, push yourself back. Let the arms get completely stretched pushing yourself away. Then go forward again into the lowered pushup position and push yourself away again.

Aim for 15 reps and 3 sets.

Arms – Tricep Extension

Most of the workouts lined up, actually work the biceps and develop enough fatigue. Let’s focus on triceps with a homely version of the tricep extension.

Find a platform that stands at least as high as your abdomen or ends little under your upper pecs. Keep your hands on the ledge and lean on the ledge where your hands balance the entire body weight.

Now, get your head closer to the ledge, make sure your head at least lines up with the edge of the ledge, if it doesn’t go below it. Now with your hands, pull yourself back up.

The amount of pressure you need to rise up straight comes from your triceps. An amazing yet effective workout for the quarantine.

5-15 reps, or as many as you can. Do at least 3 sets

Core – Reverse Corkscrew

Next up, for the core workout in the best home workout program, let’s train the lower abs as well as obliques.

For reverse corkscrew, lift your pelvis and make an arch with your knees. Make a clockwise arch and don’t let your feet down, make an anti-clockwise arch.

The workout is simple and yet effective. It works on the lower abs as well as the obliques and the simplicity of the workout makes it a beginner level workout.

Let’s aim for 50 reps, in each of the 3 sets.

Cardio – Knees and Toes, Mountain Climber, No Jump Burpees

sport-4127336_960_720Now, that your body is already heated let’s work a little more on increasing our heart rate and burn some fats from that belly while you are at the home workout with no equipment.

Let’s start off with the knees and toes. The workout is quite similar to high knees, you lift your leg up and touch your knee. Then you bend your leg and touch your toe. Aim for 20 of these on each leg.

Don’t stop!

Continue onto the climber. Get into the pushup position and then pull your knee to the chest and then the other. Pretend to be a mountain climber and climb it with 30 reps on each leg.

Don’t pause on this!

Let’s go off with some burpees. But since you are working at home, there’s a high chance you can disturb your neighbors with jumps, or that you don’t have a mat and hurt your feet in the process. For burpees, you can decide your own reps, anything close to 25 or higher would be good!

Now, that’s one set.

Aim for 3 such sets and that would be it for the workout today!

Wrapping up!

Great workout gym bro and great use of your time at home. This is a home workout for beginner level but considering the number of workout sets, it makes it difficult. Secondly, lifting your body weight also makes it difficult.

You would imagine lifting weight is difficult but for a beginner lifting your own weight is a lot difficult especially if you are not into sports. So deal with a home workout with no equipment.

The workout should not take you more than 45 – 60 minutes everyone has that much time at hand for the best home workout program.

Okay bros and broettes, that’s it for Cannot Cardio’s perfect home routine! Keep working out and keep training, nothing should stop you from getting those gains!

Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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