You might be able to figure out home workout to build muscles for most of the exercises but thinking of exercises to train your back seems difficult. It becomes even more difficult if you do not have a pull-up bar at home – you are just out of ideas to design the best home workout program!

Don’t worry we got you covered, if you have no equipment at all or you have a little bit of equipment you can follow all of these home workouts with no equipment. We can also show you how you can make your own equipment at home for all further workouts and to increase your workout difficulty. Also, an amazing Cable pulley at home that works!

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Sliding Floor Pull-ups

If you do not have a pull-up bar the sliding floor pull-ups can replace them. Just lay down on a towel or soft cloth and then place your hands on the floor. Once you are in position, pull yourself up using only and only your hands.

Just to be sure you are using only your hands, curl your legs up so that they are far from touching the floor and helping your push yourself up. Use all your might to pull yourself all the way up to your hands.

Now you can either reset your hands and start pulling again, or you can try out some floor pushes as well while your push yourself down to the original position. Pushing down would be a workout for your triceps and not for the back.

So, we generally prefer reset over a push-down. But if you have just trained your biceps yesterday then this could be a great workout to give your body an extra push to getting more gains from the best home workout program.

Doorknob Pull-ups

Next up in the best home workout program with no equipment, let’s do some doorknob pull-ups. The name states out what are going to do. But if you think your doorknob is weak and won’t hold up your weight then you can hold onto the door, or the edge of a wall, or even a pillar.

In case the doorknob is fine then stand by the edge of the door, hold the doorknob on both sides of the door and let yourself away from the door clinging on to the knobs. Then pull yourself up towards the door using just your hands. This be kind of a replication of the seated rows or bent over rows if done correctly.

It will also be a great workout for your biceps, but should be able to feel a contraction in your back. If you don’t feel it then tighten your back. If you still cannot feel it then you are doing something wrong or you are too built for this workout and you will need high number of reps to feel it.

Doorway Face-pulls

Since we are already standing by the door, let’s do one more no equiment home workout variation that involves the door. For the doorframe face-pulls just place your hands on the doorframe and then let yourself fall back. Then pull yourself up to your feet again.

So, place your hands on the side of the doorframe. Then lean back and pull yourself back up. You can hold the doorframe tightly if you want but this would then limit the workout to only being a back workout.

If you keep your hands facing forward, like stuck behind the doorframe but not holding it, then it would become the proper face-pull. It will work on your chest, shoulders, triceps, and back. This could, however, be tricky, so holding the doorframe works too.

Back Widow

The back widow workout is not an easy variant, especially for beginners. For the back widow you need to lay down on your back. Then open your arms just a bit and place your elbows down on the floor. They should be just a little out of your body and not too far and not too close.

Now, once you have your elbows placed on the floor try to push your elbows down and lift your body up. You should be able to lift your back off the floor and bend your neck to look forward.

Do not use your abdominal muscles to lift up or it will kill the purpose of the exercise all the force should come from your elbows and the back. This is a great workout and creates a lot of tension in your back muscles – a great home workout with no equipment.

Reverse Snow Angels

You remember when you were young, you used to go out of your house and lay down in the heaps of snow and make snow angels – this is if you have lived in a snowy region, of course. Well, we are going to do the same, just that instead of the back we will lay down on our abdomen and lift the body up a bit, because we used to push it down while making the angels.

So, lay down on your abdomen, lift your body up by just a bit and then move your arms and legs as if you are making a snow angel. You don’t need to move your legs a lot, even if you move them by a little it would be good or even not at all in case you can’t hold it. Start with arms and then move to the legs. But move your arms as much as you can. All the way from the top of your head and moving them by your sides.

This is actually an easier version of the correcting exercise – angles and demons, but this works the back muscles.

Back Extension

The back extension is a workout that targets your lower back and gets its place in the best home workout program. The exercise is pretty simple and can be done on an edge or on the flat floor. Just lay down on the floor and put your hands on your lower back. Now arch your body up creating all the pull from your lower back.

Also, if you think it is easy for you, then you can hang off an edge of a surface. Make someone sit on your feet or just maintain your center of gravity on the inside of the platform and you will be good. Next, do the back extension, but since you don’t have a surface you can increase the angle of your swing by a little.

In this case, you will have to also create the stopping force since there is no floor to stop it. You have to stop the swing using your back muscles. This wraps up our home workout wit no equipment.

Workouts with Home Workout Hacks – Cable Pulley at Home

If you have a cable pulley at home, or if you created one using our tutorial then you can add more variations to the workout.

Declined Face-pulls

The declined face-pulls are just like ordinary face-pulls just that the grip is high up. So, you are looking up, reclined on a chair or on a stool and then pull the cables towards your face.

The declined face-pulls or the inverted face-pulls are a great way to train your back, arms and shoulder, provided you do them right. The face-pulls target a lot of muscles at once and are, of course, a part of the best home workout program.

Declined Seated Rows

For the declined seated rows, sit down on the floor and look up towards the rod. Sit a little away from the rod or recline your body sufficiently to create a forwards motion.

The declined seated rows can be a very good alternative to the seated rows and chin ups at the same time.

Lat Pulldown

The lat pulldown is one of the exercises the gym bros will missout on if they have to do a home workout to gain muscles. It is a great workout and a great substitute for pull-ups. Increasing weights on the lat pulldown will eventually help you do more reps and more easily on the pull-up bar.

For the lat pulldown sit at an angle where the cables are almost completely vertical to you, hold one cable in each hand and then pull it down to yourself. Hold the cables at the bottom of the motion and slowly release them up.

Workouts with Home Workout Hacks – Weights

If you have some hacks readied up before you started working out at home you can add these workouts to your routine as well.

Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows

The bent-over dumbbell rows don’t need any equipment other than weights. If you have those, you can just do them.

Stand up and bend forward and let your arms hang down. Bend your knees a little for extra grip and arch your back, look up straight. Now that you are in position, pull the weights up towards your chest and then hold them at the top of your motion. Slowly release the weights down and ready up for another rep for the best home workout program.

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

The one-arm dumbbell rows are an easier version of the bent-over rows. In this case, you will need a platform on which you can keep one knee and one hand, while one foot rests on the floor. A couch might do the trick too.

So, bend over as show and then hold the dumbbell in the open hand. Now pull the dumbbell up towards your chest and then slowly release it. The one arms dumbbell rows are one of the workouts in best home workout program to quickly train your rear delts.

Wrapping up!

Even if you are training at home you can actually do a lot of different workouts and not let the ‘home workout with no equipment’ come in the way of your gains. If you are tied at home, you don’t have time to go to the gym, there are no excuses. You can workout any day, any time and from anywhere. Just follow the best home workout program!

Alright, bros and broettes, that’s it from Cannot Cardio on the Home Back workout. Follow us for more such articles or to learn the science behind workouts.

Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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