We all have those days when we can’t hit the gym. It was a tiring day at work, it was snowing or was raining cats and dogs and you cannot get to the gym, you didn’t have time through the day. It happens we all skip the gym, but that doesn’t mean we don’t workout and give up on those gains.

Just that the problem gets worse when you skip the gym on chest day so you are bound to do the home workout with no equipment.

Or you just started working out at home and you don’t know what you are supposed to do on a chest day and draft your best home workout program.

Most of the chest workout we know from the gym is highly dependent on the weights. Everything we do on a chest day directly includes a bench and weights. To increase the difficulty of your workout at the gym we increased the weights.

That is the reason why training chest at home becomes difficult because you don’t have any weights. We can still do one variation on the chest that you should always do before starting and after you are done with the chest workout and let’s start at home workout for beginners with that.



Push-up is the one variation that you can do anywhere, any time and it works just like a chest press. A push-up is one of the most basic variations of the gym and you need to master it before you can even call yourself at gym-bro and that’s why we have it in the best home workout program.

A few sets of the push-up, each done till fatigue should be good enough to get you started for the home chest workout with no equipment.

You might have shaky arms after you are done with this, skipping the gym doesn’t make the workout easy. If you want those gains then the intensity and difficulty of the workout remain the same.

Declined Push-ups

For the next variation in our best home workout program, decline push-ups keep your feet on an elevated platform. Preferably, your feet should be above your head even when you have your arms completely extended. The declined pushups work on your upper pecs, so you might do fewer or more reps than the normal push-ups depending on your upper pec strength. For most of gym-bros, it is going to be less.

I understand that it is counter-intuitive how do decline push-ups work the upper pecs. Understand that you are facing down instead of facing up like you do on the bench, so the focus muscle will also change accordingly.

Do a few sets of the decline push-ups till failure and it should be a really good workout to train your upper pecks.

Wide Push-ups


Doing cable flys or bench flys at home, even if you have weights is not easy – home workout with no equipment is a nightmare. There is no support at home that could work as a bench. The only exception would be when you have a very stable ironing board. It can hold your weight and the movement of the muscles.

So wide push-ups are the best way to do the flys at home. Instead of keeping your hands 2 spans away from the other, keep them 4 spans away and your palms facing outwards. The workout is a lot more difficult than it looks so aim accordingly. It is bound to be difficult if you want it to be the best home workout program.

Do each set to failure and make sure the pressure for the push-ups doesn’t come from your arms or shoulders but from the chest muscles. You will know if you are doing it right or wrong in just a few reps.

Plyometric Push-ups – The Clapping Push-ups


In the plyometric push-ups or the clapping, push-ups need you to push yourself up hard enough to lift both hands up from the floor. If you can push yourself high enough then clap as well, you know, for style points. Adding a lot more style to the best home workout program.

The idea behind plyometric push-ups is that you are doing a regular rep for most of the part. Only during the latter part of the lift-up, you apply excessive pressure to lift yourself up the floor. There’s a sudden burst of force applied by you in a very short period.

The plyometric push-up is the perfect balance between a power lifter’s jerky movement and an athlete’s agility based workout. Do all sets to failure and you should feel the pressure in your chest.

Workouts with Home Workout Hacks – Cable Pulley at Home

If you have used our home workout hacks you might be able to do all the variations listed below. This could add some great variations to the home workout instead of getting monotonous with the push-ups in a home workout with no equipment.

Cable Flys


If you have mad the cable pulley at home using our workout hacks, then you can surely do some cable flys. If the bar and the preset of the cables are too high then you will have to do the decline cable fly. If it is at par with or lower than your eye level then you can do the flat cable flys.

In either of the variations remember to let your arms go back as much as they can without hurting yourself. Then do the full rep and pull the cable in front of you almost until your hands touch each other.

The cable flys don’t need a lot of weight and even small weights can cause a lot of fatigue if done properly with full reps. In case you think you can’t find more weight to add or if the string will snap, go for the zero momentum workout. The zero momentum variation can be a great addition to the best home workout program.

Cross Cable Fly

The cross cable fly is the reverse of the fly workout. We’ve already trained the muscle with a regular workout, but since the weights were not heavy, you might not feel the burn in the muscle, so let’s train it with a counter workout.

For the cross cable fly, as the name suggests, hold the cables such that they make a cross. Hold the left cable in the right hand and the right cable in the left hand. Face the direction of the cables while you do this. In the rest state, hold the cables in front of you; then pull them all the way back to complete a fly rep.

The cross cable fly needs even fewer weight loads to be an effective workout if done with full reps. Any workout done with half reps will need more weights than what your house can potentially offer if you are stuck in a home workout with no equipment. In case you still find it easy, then you can switch over to balance based reps like the zero momentum version of workouts.

Other Cable Workouts

If you still think that the cables are not doing justice to the workout, then you can add a few more cable-based chest workouts to your routine.

If you also have a table to sit on during your workout, you can add decline, inclined and other cable chest presses to your workout. Also, while you are at it, don’t forget to do some suspended push-ups if you can.

Workouts with Home Workout Hacks – Weights

If you can add some weights in the workout, then it would be a complete chest routine. Use our home workout hacks to know how you can add weights to your workout at home.

Floor Chest Press

If you have a bench or a platform that can work like the bench then it would be great, but in case you don’t you can use the floor for the bench press. The only problem with using the floor is that it reduces the range of repetition. You can even add a few pillows under your back to get the elevation you need for the full rep.

For the repetition, lay your elbows flat on the floor. Lift the weights to the maximum height and extend your arms to get that extra range. Now slowly bring the weights back down.

Since you are using home weights there is going to be disbalance or splashing. The uneven balance is exactly what brings a challenge to the best home workout program. You need to work slower and with a lot more precision over just jerkily rushing through the rep.

Incline Chest Press

Just like we did the decline push-ups we can do the incline chest press. In this case, you will have to reverse the position of your head and toes. You can use your couch for the workout – keep your head on the backrest, medial knee on the couch and the feet on the floor.

The only problem with this posture is that most of your body is in the air unlike what you are used to at the gym. This means you need to balance your body and do the workout – it also means that you are bound to do balance and strength-based workouts together.



The chest pullover targets your Latissimus Doris muscles (or the lateral chest muscles – in gym language). This workout can be done at home quite easily using the edge of the couch or that of any platform.

We already have the weights ready to do the home workout with no equipment other than the ones we created. You can hold one weight in each hand to increase the effective weight for the workout. Do the complete rep and do it slowly. Do each of the sets to fatigue.

Wrapping Up!

You can effectively do a complete home chest workout with no equipment. So, even if you don’t have weight at home or if you don’t have any equipment at home you can still do the entire chest workout without any problem – just follow the best home workout program.

Okay, bros and broettes, that’s it for Home Chest Workout from Cannot Cardio. Follow us for more home and gym workouts and to know the science behind the workouts.

Remember, to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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