All of us have at least a few days a year where you can’t go to the gym. Either it was snowing or raining, or you were lockdown in quarantine or there was too much work in the office and you can’t make it to the gym.

The problem comes in when you unintentionally skip out on a leg day – unintentionally being the keyword here. So, you want to do the workout but you don’t have any equipment to do the workout. Don’t worry we got you covered with the best home workout program for legs.

The workout is as effective as your gym workout if not more and potentially the best home workout with no equipment that you can get.

Step up


Let’s start with some light step-up workout to get the body warm and going. You can use a low lying platform or the staircase to do the step up. Also, keep alternating the leg between the workout or do equal reps with left leg first and then right leg first.

The workout is fairly simple, can be done as a home workout with no equipment, and still manages to trigger the quadriceps, hamstrings and the glutes. Make sure the elevation is not too high and nor too low. Too low an elevation would be cardio instead of a muscle workout, while an elevation that is too high can cause knee problems.

Free Squats


These are just your everyday squats just done without the weights in the best home workout program. The free squats, for the best results, should be done with intensity. Increasing the frequency of the reps is one of the ways to increase the effectiveness of the home workout provided you still do the full rep.

Increasing the frequency of the reps at the cost of not doing a full rep will lead to no benefits. Increase frequency and reduced range would again burn more calories and not tire the muscle enough, you might have to experiment with your body and know your set’s frequency. For me, it is somewhere between 32 and 38 reps within a minute.

If you can’t cope with the frequency-based workout you can just fix a good number of reps and achieve that. Keep the number unconditionally high and try to achieve it in the least time you could to the make the home workout program effective even with no equipment.

Sumo Squats

The sumo squat is our next variation in the best home workout program. As the name suggests, it demands of you to stand in the sumo position. Place your feet out wide and each foot facing outward. Now, just go down like sumo does at the start of the fight. You can even pat your inner thighs for some extra style points.

The sumo squat is a great workout home workout with no equipment to train your hamstrings and an easy way to do it too. Keep in mind to do the full repetition and don’t half squat. The more the range of the squat the better the result of the workout will be.

If you hold some weights then it will increase the effectiveness of the workout and take this home workout for beginners to an intermediate level.

Split Squats


The split squats are just like the lunges with just one difference – once you are set in position, the rear leg needs to be inactive during the course of the workout and you go straight down, keeping your torso tight. The split squat puts all your weight on one leg and so, can be done as home workout with no equipment.

To do this you can keep your hind leg on the edge of your bed or on the sofa. This kills almost all muscle interaction coming from the hind leg and puts all the pressure on the front leg.

This, in turn, puts more pressure on the lateral muscles of the leg. During the workout, go down until the knee of your hind leg almost touches the floor. If you want you can even add weights as you hold the weight like a goblet increasing the effectiveness of the best home workout program.

Alternating Plyometric Lunges


The lunges are very basic workout which would become too easy to be done in the best home workout program since we have no equipment. Even if you are doing it as an exercise, for the first time, the body is generally used to carrying weights while doing lunges just because of your regular movement.

Doing the lunges creates a good stretch in the hamstrings of the hind leg and a lot of pressure on the front quadriceps. Including plyometric alteration increases the challenge further and makes the workout more intense. This burns out more calories and the jumping motion increases the pressure on the muscles.

Do the full repetition and keep the workout continuous. Do not stop in between for rest as this is a high-intensity workout, if you stop the set is over.

Hip Thrusts

One leg variation of the Hip Thrusts

So far we have covered the quadriceps, laterals, and warmed up our hamstrings. Now, let’s focus completely on the hamstrings to get the best home workout program.

For the hip thrusts, you need to lay down on the floor with your legs bent in and your back and glutes touching the floor. Now, move your hips upwards using force coming only from your legs to make a bridge, keep your arms by your sides to give your body support during the lift.

Do not apply pressure using your arms for the lift, all the pressure should come from the hamstring. Just keep your hand, to prevent yourself from toppling off on either of the sides.

You can also keep your head on an elevated platform and then try to make a flat bridge during the hip thrusts.

High Hip Bucks

The high hip bucks are a more advanced variation of the hip thrusts. These too focus on the hamstrings and rightfully find their place in the best home workout program. If you have been doing a lot of intensive hamstring workouts recently, only then you will find this workout easy. Everyone else, be prepared – you have been warned.

For the high hip bucks keep your calves on an elevated platform like the couch. Keep your head on the floor and then push your hips up to align your hips with your calves. You can keep your hands by your sides to maintain balance, but all the pushing force should come from your hamstrings.

You can keep weights on your torso to make the workout more difficult. Even though the workout is a lot more difficult than what we have done so far, it still qualifies as a home workout for beginners.

Calf Raise


The calf raise is a very basic yet essential exercise especially if you are sitting at home the entire day and the best home workout program is certainly not complete without some calf raises. Calf muscles help the body maintain balance while you stand up or move around.

With lack of exercise, just like all muscles, the calf, muscles too will deteriorate, and eventually, you will find it difficult to maintain balance while moving around. You won’t feel it while you move around but should feel it as soon as you try to carry some weights and move – even groceries for that matter.

So, for the calf raise, stand beside a wall and keep your hand on it to maintain balance. Now lift your body up using your toes and then relax back to normal. If you can stand on an elevated platform then stand on the edge. Now, instead of coming back to the relaxed state, let your ankle go below the level of your toes.

This will increase the range of the workout and there will be no rest between reps.

Workouts With Home Workout Hacks – Weights

You can do all of the above-mentioned workouts using weights. But adding weights to most of these workouts will increase their difficulty and intensity. The weight can be held in a bar, as a goblet or dangling goblet. But since, we are working out at home, we didn’t expect you to have weights.

But if you want to do the workouts using weights you can still do them. Just use our home workout hacks for adding weights to all your workouts or just using home essentials as gym equipment.

Wrapping Up!

Next time you can’t make it to the gym because of any reason or excuse, there won’t be an excuse for the gains because now you can access the best home workout program for beginners. You can still manage to do some really effective workout at home using just the home essentials and our workout program with no equipment.

If you are staying at home then use our full week home workout program to make the journey more effective.

Okay, bros and broettes, that’s it from Cannot Cardio on home workout routine for legs. Follow us for more such workout routines or just gym tips and tricks that you can use to boost your gains!

Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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