Most of the workouts we do at the gym for abs are generally bodyweight dependent. This gives us a false belief that doing the same in a home workout with no equipment will give us equal burn and gains.

What we don’t consider is that most of these workouts are clubbed with some form of cardio or machines. Once these workouts become easy over time, we take weights in these workouts to make them a little more challenging, which is something we can’t do even the best home workout programs.

We need to do something more challenging if you are at home and you cannot get some cardio before the home workout program with no equipment. Working without any cardio and still managing to get the burn means we workout in one go and keep going even after fatigue. Also, instead of hitting the muscles directly, we can fatigue the muscle first.

So, instead of starting from the core abs, we can start off with obliques, which are weaker muscles as compared to the core. While we work with the obliques, you will feel some burn in the core muscles as well, as you are bound to use the core to support the weaker muscles; and that is your pre-workout fatigue for the core. This will make both oblique and central core workouts effective and make it the best home workout program for abs.



Starting off with the obliques, we can do the following workout in 2 ways.

  1. Do each workout individually – do 2-3 sets of each workout. Take breaks between sets and variations. Do reps till you achieve muscle fatigue.
  2. Do 1 set of workouts in one go of 7-8 minutes – Spend 60 seconds on each workout, take just 30-60 second break, only once, during the entire course. Repeat the set 2-3 times.

We, at Cannot Cardio, generally prefer the second method. This approach guarantees fatigues, sometimes you are exhausted but you still continue workout because you need to complete the 7-minute set. It also brings in variation in the set which implies not a single muscle tissue is left without fatigue.

So, let’s start with the best home workout program – A home workout with no equipment.

Figure 8

For figure 8, as the name suggests you have to make a figure 8, duh, but with your legs. This is a difficult exercise only if it is done for a long time. In short bursts, this is even easier than crunches. Also, you can put your hands under your glutes to support your body and not topple when you make the figure 8s.

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor.
  2. Tuck your hands under your glutes
  3. Lift your legs up
  4. Make tilted figure 8s by moving your legs in that manner.
  5. Keep doing it for a minute or until fatigue.


The wiper is a simple yet very effective exercise for the obliques. Just like the name suggests you we need to imitate the motion of car wiper – with your legs. So tuck your hands under your glute to support your legs and move your legs side to side like a wiper does on your windshield.

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor
  2. Tuck your arms under your glutes
  3. Raise your legs up vertically at a right angle
  4. Swing your legs to one side and then to the other
  5. Repeat for a minute or until fatigue

Twisting pistons

The twisting piston is a variation of the plank workout. Since the workout involves jumping, if you have any foot injuries you should skip this. You can do the regular plank instead of the twisting pistons workout.

Do This:

  1. Get into the plank position
  2. Spring – still in plank position – and pull your legs close to your chest.
  3. Leap again and push your legs out at an angled position towards your left or right.
  4. Leap again and pull your legs close to your chest
  5. Sprint your legs out at an angle, this time go opposite to your final position in step 3
  6. Spring your legs back to the closed position
  7. Repeat for a minute or until fatigue.

Starfish Crunches

Just like the crunches the starfish crunches have a similar movement pattern and are a part of an easy home workout for beginners. Just that instead of laying down on the floor with curled feet and head behind your back you make a star. Spread your arms and legs out wide and keep your head on the floor – making a star and then do the crunch.

Do this:

  1. Lay down in the star position with your arms and legs spread wide.
  2. If possible tuck your feet under some support to keep you positioned.
  3. Now do the crunch and touch your spread toes with your spread hands.
  4. Repeat for 60 seconds or until fatigue.

Tuck plank

As the name suggests the tuck plank is a variation of the plank workout. We hold the plank just like the regular workout but alternatively keep tucking your elbow and your knee to touch each other.

Do This:

  1. Get into the plank position
  2. Raise your left elbow and left leg and tuck to touch the elbow and the knee.
  3. Get back in the plank position.
  4. Touch your right elbow and right knee
  5. Repeat for a minute or until fatigue.

Upper circle crunch

The upper circle crunch is a version of the levitating crunches or the half crunches. In this workout, you need to lift your body up and move in the range of levitating crunches but in a rotational motion. The workout triggers your obliques and abdominal muscles at the same time

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor with curled legs
  2. Raise your shoulders off the ground and don’t touch them back until you are done with the set.
  3. Move your body to the left lifting it up partially and then go right downwards and land on your elbow
  4. Raise again from left raising both elbows up, landing on right and lifting from left again.
  5. Repeat for 60 seconds or until fatigue.

Change the direction of rotation at 30 seconds or halfway into the set.

Lower circle crunch

Now that we have done the upper circular crunch, where we rotated our torso in a circular motion the lower circular crunch will be obvious by now. For this, set your body in a V-tuck position and then rotate your legs in a circular motion.

This is a fairly difficult exercise and might need some practice to perform.

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor with curled legs
  2. Do a full crunch upwards, but don’t come back down.
  3. Hold your body there, raise your feet – rest only on your glutes.
  4. Start rotating the legs.
  5. You can keep your hands by your side for support during the rotation – but don’t rest your body weight on your hands, just support the rotational motion.
  6. Do till fatigue or for a minute.

Core Abs


Your core of the abs might already be burning because of all the oblique oriented workout which creates tension even in the core. So, we have some fatigue developed already and the obliques can’t help in the following exercises.

Doing any heavy exercises right now will fatigue the body even more and we have already worked enough to keep the following variations light and easy for the best home workout program.


Let’s start with some basic crunches to work the upper and lower belly of the core. The crunch is the most basic exercise in the home workout for beginners for the abdominal muscles. If you are a beginner or to tired already, then it would be advised that you tuck your feet under some support. If you think you can manage your weight then you can do it without the tuck.

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor with your legs curled
  2. Tuck your hands behind your head
  3. Pull your torso up without any support from any limb
  4. One you are completely up and almost touch your knees, go back down.
  5. Touch your shoulders to the floor.
  6. Repeat till fatigue.

Leg Raises

The leg raise is the opposite of what we just did in the crunch. In crunches, we lifted the torso up, in leg raise we lift the legs up and keep the body flat on the floor. The leg raise is a great way to lose lower belly fat and gain some muscles.

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor with your hands tucked behind your head
  2. Lift your legs to make a 60-degrees angle with the floor
  3. Lets your legs back down but not all the way – stop a little above the floor
  4. Raise your legs back up
  5. Repeat till fatigue.

Bar Crunches

Next up in the best home workout program, the bar crunches. If you have a pull-up bar at home, then hang off it and pull your legs up to do the crunches. In case, you don’t have a bar you can do another set of the crunches or do the plank.

Do This:

  1. Hang off a pull-up bar
  2. Pull your legs up until they touch your chest
  3. Leave your legs back down.
  4. With your arms and torso control the body and don’t let it swing.
  5. Do another rep
  6. Repeat till fatigue.

Don’t let your body swing during the course of the workout.

In case you don’t have a bar you can do the plank.

Levitating Crunches

The levitating crunches or commonly known as the half crunches are a version of the crunch, where instead of working the muscle we go the route of fatigue. The variation is a lot easier than the crunches, so if you can do 20 crunches you should be able to do 40 or more levitating crunches.

Do This:

  1. Lay down on the floor with your legs curled up.
  2. Lift your shoulder up from the floor
  3. Stop mid-way of the crunch.
  4. Get back down but don’t touch your shoulders to the floor
  5. Repeat till fatigue.

Wrapping Up!

Doing an effective ab home workout program with no equipment is not as easy as it looks. Without the weights, cardio, or any other workout the abs need a lot more attention from the workouts we perform. These variations are specifically designed for the home workout  for beginners and can be done without cardio.

Okay, bros and broettes, keep working out using the best home worout program and keep getting those gains. Follow us for more such articles and to know the best workout plans.

Remember, to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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