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All of us have some days when you just can’t go to the gym. You are just tied down at home, the gym is closed, you are stuck because of the pandemic, or just don’t have time to go to the gym. The only way out seems to be a home workout with no equipment! A total nightmare!

In any of these cases, you don’t want to drop out on a shoulder workout and not get those gains! Don’t worry we got you covered with the best home workout program for shoulders which will cover up for the gym if not do better

You can take some of these to the gym as well!


Power Push-Away

The power push-away is a push-up workout that works on the shoulder instead of your chest, just because we change the direction of the push. The workout is very effective for training the delts. It not only works the shoulder ball but also the long head of the shoulder muscles in a home workout with no equipment.

For power push-aways, get down in the pushup position and go down. Then instead of pushing yourself up again, push yourself back and bend your knees. This will push your hips out and put you in the dog-stretch-position. Once at full extension, pull yourself back into the lowered position and then continue.

Cobra Push-ups (1)

The cobra push-ups are an extended version of the power push-aways. In this workout, we work the entire shoulder muscle by using the bodyweight on a full shoulder rotation. This works like doing a full loaded full shoulder rotation.

In the cobra push-up, just like the power push-aways get in the push-up position and go down. Now instead of pushing up, push yourself away just like power push-aways. But when you go back, don’t stop in the lowered position but move your body ahead of your hands and look up.

This will put you in the cobra pose but don’t touch your body down, all your weight should be rested on your hands. Then push yourself back again.

The cobra push-ups are very effective in training shoulders using loaded rotations principle for a home workout with no equipment.  

Pike Push-ups (3)

For the pike push-ups, get back into the push-up position after you have rested enough from the previous workouts of the best home workout program. This would be our third push-up variant in a row.

Doing push-ups at the start of the workout routine will tire your body enough to make the workout hit the right spots. If you have weights it will make the rest of the best home workout program more effective.

Anyway, once you are in the push-up position, pull your legs up until you are in the mountain pose – making an upside-down “V” of your body. Your arms should be fully stretched in this position, this will put a lot of weights on your hands.

Once ready, do a push-up maintaining the same position. You will feel a lot of pressure applied to your shoulders. Since all your weight is on your hands, and the only movement you are creating is from elbows and shoulders. It would be a loaded shoulder workout.

The pike push-ups are a great replacement for the overhead shoulder press in a home workout with no equipment.

Bodyweight Overhead Holds


The overhead hold is a difficult exercise, especially for beginners. Also for some well-built gym-bros this might turn out to be a challenge. You may have to take the support of your furniture or the wall, just get your feet stuck and you will be good.

For the overhead holds, you need to do a handstand and then, if you can, rep up and down like you would for the shoulder press. Sounds difficult already, right? Put your feet up on the kitchen counter and stick them there while you try to push most of your weight on your hands.

You can also ask someone to sit on your feet or just help you maintain balance while you try to do the bodyweight overheads holds. The reps should be done only if you are comfortable with the hold position. If not you can just hold the position.

Best Home Workout Program with Home Workout Hacks – Weights

If you have used our home workout hacks and deployed them at home, then you can add a few more variations and variety to your best home workout program.

Shoulder Circles


The shoulder circles variation is quite common in the gym as well. Doing shoulder circles variation with weights is quite difficult so even something really light might do the trick when it comes to shoulder circles. Filling up a bottle of water, or just holding metal utensils and objects might do the trick.

For shoulder circles, hold light and equal weights in either hand, stretch your arms towards your sides and raise them until they are aligned to your shoulder height. Once ready, make circles with your arms in the clockwise direction – both hands moving in the same direction. Do about 12-15 reps in one direction and then change the directions of the circle and do another 12-15 reps.

The workout looks easy but is not as easy as it looks. For most the bros and broettes a gallon of water might do the trick for the weight. For some, you may need extra weights where you can use the bag weight in the home workout with no equipment.

Front Raises – 1 and a Half  Variant


The front raise is another workout variation that should be done on light to moderate weights and is our next variation in the best home workout program. So, again with some home workout weight hacks, you can make sufficient weight to carry out the workout.

Just like the front raise, lateral raises too can be done using some weight home workout hacks in the home workout with no equipment. Remember to keep the weights balanced. Unbalanced weights can cause more problems than they would solve for you.

Wrapping up!

With or without the gym, you can do the best home workout program for your shoulder. The only thing that can stop your gains is your own will to not workout. So if you are stuck at home, don’t have enough time to hit the gym or anything else, there are no excuses for gains.

Okay, bros and broettes, that’s it from Cannot Cardio for the Best Home Workout Program for shoulders. Follow us for more home workout content and some amazing gym tips and tricks.

Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

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