Do you start working out at home or you just have been stuck at home endlessly with nothing else to do? Or is the new Hikikomori Lifestyle? Either way, you can gain massive muscles and do your workout from home with these home workout hacks and the best home workout program.

Doing home workouts without a routine feels like a chore, but you can create your own equipment. You can find these at home or just craft them in a matter of minutes. Don’t let anything get in the way of your gains when you can do home workout to build muscles.


The Kitchen Counter

Starting right off from a trip to the kitchen doesn’t mean you get to have a snack from the fridge. Let’s just stay away from it!

So, the flat top and the corner can be used for a lot of purposes in the best home workout programs. You can do tricep dips at the corner and different arm exercises at the center. If you do not have a corner kitchen countertop you can still do the monkey tricep dips at the flat top.

Also, don’t forget to grab some protein while you are still in the kitchen, instant protein delivery!



The doorway is another tool that you can use for a variety of arm and back variations for home workout without equipment. You can open the door and hang on it for pullups, you can hold the doorknobs, one in either hand and pull and push your body towards and away from the door – these are great back workouts and a part of the best home workout program.

You can also recline on the doorframe, each hand on either side of the frame and use it for doorknob pull-ups. You can also do a version of face-pull exercise on the doorframe, with one hand on each side of the frame and the palms facing away from you, the back of your hand touches the door and then pull yourself up. This puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders and back.



We do a lot of different variations using the stairs then why should you shy away during home workouts without equipment. You can do a lot of different leg workouts using the stairs.

Step-up or just lunges can go a long way when it comes to doing these on the stairs in a home workout without equipment. If you feel the height of a step is too low then skip one or many steps on the staircase while lifting weights or while doing the long lunges.

We can also use the stairs for some inclined and declined pushups. If your stairs are carpeted and you have a way of locking your feet then you can do semi-floating crunches too.


Jug of Water, Bag, or Old Electronics

It doesn’t matter where you are doing your workout you still need some kind of weights to workout. Unless you have a lot of equipment or arrangement at home for a calisthenic workout and have the best home workout program. You probably don’t have weights at home but we can create a lot of different weights.

A jug or canister full of water can be a lot of weight to lift if you are doing a chore, so we can definitely use it during home workout to build muscles. 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg i.e. 1 gallon of water weighs around 8.3 lbs. So, now you know how heavy something can get if you fill it up with water. For lighter weights you can use just the 1 liter soda bottle filled with water.

You can also use a bag as a weight. Just use any bag, add some books or water bottles to it and you will have an adjustable weight. If you are readying up the bag right now, then don’t dismantle it, we will need it again shortly.


Tupperware Covers

I don’t want to throw seller out of business but let’s face it, the Tupperware covers will serve the same purpose as some push-up sliders in the home workout without equipment.

At home when you don’t have access to the equipment then just use the Tupperware lids, if you can buy those then you should. There is obviously some difference between our fix and proper equipment. As long as you don’t have the equipment, this should work.

So, take two Tupperware covers and use them for sliding push-ups, or pull yourself towards your hands for biceps, or just keep these under your knees and with your hands try pushing yourself back, for shoulders.

All these different variations work different muscles and challenge your body differently – and that puts it in the best home workout routine. When you are at home and have access to limited equipment, then you have to be creative.


Couch Cushions

If you are not used to carrying weights on abs variations you can use these just to get the effect of how carrying a plate will feel like. You can study the change in posture with weights when you play around with the cushions.

Also, if you want you can use these for trying out machine-assisted variations where you are supposed to move. Say you are used to the movement of the machine on seated rows, you can use a cushion to support yourself and pull yourself towards the rod in the home workout without equipment.

If you do not have some Tupperware cover, you can use your couch cushions too for almost the same workout. The only problem is they are a little more difficult to push or at times too slippery, but if you find the right balance you can use them in your home workout to build muscles.

Slick floor bridge curls are generally difficult to pull on Tupperware covers, but the couch cushions make it a lot easier to balance your weight and do the workout.



If you keep your feet on the couch and pull yourself up then you can also do the high hip bucks which is a great exercise for hamstrings.

If you are at home and following the best home workout program and if you don’t have a floor mat, doing floor variation is going to get difficult for you. Using the floor directly is never advised as the cold uncarpeted floor sucks the heat of your body and thus the energy out of you. It will tire you quickly.

So, if you do have carpeted floors it shouldn’t be any problem but in case you don’t, then don’t use the floor, use the couch.

Don’t use a bent couch, it can cause back problems and besides, we are not here to sleep. Use the couch, a straight one, or even a bedsheet if you may, but never the floor.



There are many walls in the house, right? And we are working out at home, right? So should we not include the walls in home workout to build muscles?

The walls act as a rigid support and can be used for standing wall push-ups. If these become easy for you can do one-handed wall push-ups as well. Also, you can hinge to a pillar or the edge of the wall and use it for back variations like the seated rows, standing pull-ups and a lot more.



Besides cleaning off your sweat, you can use a towel to bind weights together. A lot of the weights you are going to use at home will either have sharp corners or will be very light to lift when it is a single piece. Even the book covers hurt when you are working out.

Using a towel will not only allow you to lift all these weights together, as you wrap them in the towel, it will also make the sharp edges poking you during the workout go away like they never existed.

We have found the towel to be especially useful during weighed abdominal workout or during weighted squats while we followed the best home workout programs.



The rope or rather a softer version of the rope, like a cotton string, is very useful for tying up weights together. Also, it makes it easier to do weighted assisted exercises which include a rope at the gym.

You can use the rope in many ways, even assisted ab crunches can be done by tying a rope to a corner and pulling yourself up using the rope.


Broomstick or Any Pole

The broomsticks are actually a lot tougher than you think. They can carry your weight at the center of the stick quite easily.

You can keep two chairs a few feet apart and place a broomstick between their backrest, and you will have made yourself a pull-up bar. It won’t exactly be pull-up bar, but you can do lat pulls and a few bicep pulls on it quite easily by laying down on the floor.

Just lay down under the stick, hold it and pull yourself up straight, that would be lat pull. If you include a little bit of swing in your pull or just reduce the height of the bar such that you can easily bend your elbows while going up, it would be a bicep variation for the best home workout program.

Untitled design

The Home Cable Pulley

Yes, you can create a cable pulley at home quite easily even to follow a good home workout without equipment. The idea is simple, all you need is a rod, a few strings and a bag or just of water – anything that can hold different quantities of weight and is easy to manage.

Just hang the rod if you don’t already have a pull-up bar at home. You can hang it anywhere using just two countertops, wardrobes, or a few wooden pieces between the rod and the wall. Now slip the string over it and attach the “adjustable weight” on the other side.

Now pull! And that is a home cable pulley and use it the best home workout program. If you need clarifications you can read our in-depth guide about how you can create a cable pulley at home. (10)

Detergent & Water

This is just a hack.

Buying a treadmill if you are working out at home is not the ideal way to go about it. 5 years of gym membership would be a lot cheaper than buying a treadmill and maintaining it.

And since you are in a home workout to build muscles, we are assuming you don’t get a lot time to go to the gym or you just love being at home and following the best home workout program. So, going out for a walk might also be out of option since the hours are late or early, or you just don’t want to go.

So you can spill some detergent on the floor, add some water to it, hold a platform and start walking over the mixture of detergent and water. Believe us, it is far better than walking on a treadmill.


Your Ownself

In all the workouts you have done so far or you are about to do, you won’t have a lot of weight to carry or a lot of places to move about. But what you can do is to use yourself as a resource in a home workout without equipment.

You can use yourself a weighted block that you try to move using your limbs. This in-turn puts pressure on your limbs as well as your body.

Use yourself for cardio, stretching, weights and even as your own assistant and motivator. When you are working out at home, and alone, you are your best resource.


Your Cellphone or Laptop

There’s only one more resourceful than yourself, and that is your cellphone or laptop from where you can read more articles on Cannot Cardio and know more about working out from home.

We keep on uploading content for home, gym or outdoor workout and try to bring in the science of workout. The more you know the better you get at it.

Wrapping up!

All these tips are easy to follow and can be done by almost anyone trying a home workout without equipment, in case you can’t do it, there is always something else that you can follow for similar or the same workout. If you think you have any other hacks that we missed out, mention them out in the comments and help a gym-bro.

Okay, bros and broettes that’s it from Cannot Cardio for home workout hacks for the best home workout program that you can create and follow. Keep working out and keep fit, don’t let anything stop your gains.

Remember to Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!


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