The coronavirus pandemic has sent us all home in the safety of quarantine. At this point, a lot of you are wondering if you can even go to the gym? Or just go out to the park and move your legs a little bit. Well, there is no specific answer to it, it depends on a lot of factors – like your demographic.

The one line and short answer would be “stay at home” but you are not here for that, are you? Secondly, let’s make up our mind if you are to go to the gym or not, and if not then for how long will you stay indoors. Keeping these aside for now, here is how you can do Cardio during the coronavirus pandemic and being locked in quarantine.

First of all, let’s understand why do we need cardio if we are working out at home and secondly let’s understand the different ways in which you can do cardio.


Never Stop Cardio

Even before you start getting some real gains, you need to train your heart to be able to cope up with your body regime. Stopping cardio means, in the long run, your muscles will be stronger than your heart and you don’t have a lot of stamina to do the workouts that your body needs to develop further.

So, even in these tough times, never stop doing cardio. There are many benefits of cardio that most of us overlook. It is a complementary exercise to be done with your regular schedule and as important as sleeping for recovery or managing your diet.

Cardio and its Types

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear cardio is probably running. The next thing would be all the gym machines that you have used for cardio, but there is more to cardio than these few workouts. Besides, you can’t do any of these during the coronavirus quarantine.

Cardio is any workout that has body movement involved and makes your heart beat faster and makes you sweat. Dancing, swimming, running on the spot, jumping on a trampoline, moving on the spot, and any other activity that includes rapid movement. Even if you play catch by throwing a ball on the wall, even that can be considered as cardio.

Doing Cardio Indoor

Since, of course, there are so many variations of cardio workouts many of them can be done indoors. Dancing and trampoline can be done while you are having fun, however, if you are wondering how to do cardio if you are not interested in either, then you can take up some indoor cardio.

There are two ways in which you can do the indoor cardio workout if you are not getting involved in hobbies and extra-exercises. Following the internet and doing the cardio hacks it recommends is one of those. The other one is to do predefined sets and variations of floor cardio workout.

Quarantine Cardio Hacks

Yes, the internet has blessed us with some great Cardio Hacks during the coronvirus pandemic lockdown.

Spill a few drops of detergent on the floor, spill some water on it. Hold a ledge and start walking on the detergent water mix. After a few seconds, you can even start running on it. And if you think your treadmill is running out of power just add more detergent on it, it will be back on in no time!

Parkour in the house with some chairs, balls, tables and kitchen counters is up in the new trends as well during the quarantine. You can also throw in some juggling and jumping on the bed. Either way, don’t forget to sanitize your hands at the end of it all.

Best Home Cardio Workouts

The best cardio workouts, while you are stuck at home because of the coronavirus quarantine are definitely the once that can be done on the floor. You can even do these in the gym on a cardio day or after the workout to get some HIIT workout done.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Climbers
  • High Kness
  • Butt kicks
  • Skipping
  • Sprinter Lunges
  • Spot Running
  • Jumping Pushups  – and not to forget
  • Burpees!

These are great workouts to try even in the gym and skip out on the machine-assisted workout routines for cardio.

Wrapping Up

All of these are great cardio workouts if you are stuck at home amidst this coronavirus pandemic. Keep working out with our Home workout and keep your heart fit too. Don’t let the pandemic stop your gains!

Okay, bros and broettes, that’s it for Cannot Cardio’s take on Home Cardio. Keep working out and don’t let the grain stop.

Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!

Posted by:Sunain Banga

This is Sunain! I'm might turn up as shy at first, like I might extend my hand for a handshake and if you don't react within the next 0.03 second I'll just take it back wondering if I over did the acquaintance limits, but if you do react, I'll just take back and flee because you came out too bold and I won't be back until I don't think it is necessary to crawl out of my hole. But, when I do crawl out, you are going to have a night full of stories and a day full of well, more stories. I talk a lot. Also, I'm an Author! The title is The First Crush - at 13.

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