With most of us spending a lot of time at home, we have either switched to home workout or started a home workout with no equipment.

I’m sure that most of us started it by thinking that home workout for beginners is going to be easy and anyone can do it. Then you tried it out and it was more difficult than what you thought. For some, even more, difficult than their gym workout.

So, let’s understand why the “best home workout program” you did at home was a lot more difficult than you thought it would be.

1. Training More than One Muscle


Most of the time when you are doing the home workout with no equipment, without any weights, you are dependent on the movement of your body.

When you are lifting dumbbells with your arms, you are just training your biceps and no other muscle is used for the same. At home, you don’t have any weights to lift so you move your body.

All body movements are complex and often require effort from two or more muscles. Since you are not used to it, and you start training two muscles at once, your heartbeat rises quickly. You are not able to cope up with the effort required and that makes the workout difficult.

2. Body Weight Factor

When you try the home workout for beginners, you have no choice but to carry your body weight. This means if you weigh 50kgs you are dealing with 50kgs, if you are 100kgs you are dealing with 100kgs.

In the gym, you can control the weights you play around with. Most of the beginners start with 10-15 lbs (5-8 kgs) on chest workout, but at home, you have no choice but to work with your body weight.

So, even though you are working at home casually and following the best workout with no equipment, you are lifting more weight than a gym beginner would. Lifting body weight is easy I agree, but it is still a lot.

3. The Sedentary Life

The primary reason why people choose home workout for beginners is that they don’t have time to go to the gym or they don’t want to get out of their houses.

Either case, you are probably living a very sedentary corporate or house arrest lifestyle. That means your body is not used to the workout and you start training it without actually training your stamina and heart with cardio.

This makes the new workout difficult for your heart and for you.

4. Not Waiting Enough Between the Sets

When you are at the gym, the time between the sets is usually gone without you realizing it. You either look at yourself in the mirror or at your phone or you are waiting for someone else to be done with the equipment.

Or at times, you are just talking with some other bro or broette.

The time between the sets goes a lot faster than you would want it to. In fact, you spend too much time resting and that is actually one of the most common beginner gym mistakes.

But at home, you are just waiting to regain your breath and start right away. The ideal resting time between sets is 90-120 seconds. Obey these and it will become easier.

5. Following an App or YouTuber


Most of us learn our home workout for beginners from YouTubers or Apps. The problem behind this is the apps and the online workouts, with the best home workout programs, are made by a gym veteran. The beginner level workout for a veteran is a little tougher than what suits a corporate worker.

Here at Cannot Cardio, we corporate workers with little enthusiasm for gym, have designed a workout for ourselves and are sharing it out with you. That might suit you!

6. Not Drinking Enough Water

You’ve changed a thing about your lifestyle. You are moving from a lifestyle where you are just sitting at home to a lifestyle where you are working out at home.

The change in lifestyle will require some changes in the way you have lived so far and since you are what you eat, let’s start with that. Adding more water to your lifestyle will make your body adapt to the home workout for beginners a lot faster.

7. “It’s  Casual Workout”

Thinking that home workout for beginners is a casual workout, already sets a mindset that you are going to take it easy.  So, when a difficult workout comes in the “best home workout program”, your mind gets afraid of it and your resistance to it increases.

The whole idea of you thinking that you will take the home workout for beginners easy and not focus too much on it is what makes the workout difficult for you.

So, if you are planning on starting a workout either home or gym, always take the workout with seriousness or don’t do it. Thinking the workout is casual will not help your gains nor help you get fit.

8. You are at Home


It is a home workout with no equipment, I will obviously be at home!

Yes, we agree, but sometimes that is going to be the problem. When you are at home, you are not used to working out. Your mind won’t adapt to the workout in a surrounding where you are generally at rest.

Like most of the workouts and weights, it’s more often the play of the mind than of the body. If your mind agrees that it can lift a specific weight or it can give up on sugar, the body will agree. Of course, there will be some resistance but it will adapt.

Wrapping up!

These are all the reasons why you find the best home workout program more difficult than it actually is! Don’t worry, start off slow and light and your body will adapt to it slowly and eventually. Happens to all of us.

Okay, bros and broettes, that it for home workout for beginners from Cannot Cardio. Remember, a home workout can be as effective as an actual gym workout. Enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle and follow us for more such posts.

Stay Fit and Stay Awesome!


Posted by:Sunain Banga

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