As you have heard the novel coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate and has put the world at a halt. Everyone is in quarantine, there are emergencies declared in nations and you are confused if you should go to the gym to workout during the coronavirus pandemic.

There is no short answer that can be given in one word, yes or no, but it is very subject and depends more on your demographic. If you are from a region highly prone to the virus, considering the number of precautions the world is taking, there are chances that your gym is already shut down indefinitely.

But in case it is not, and you can go to the gym to work out and you want to, what should you do from stopping virus getting in the path of your gains?

Use a Towel


Whenever you use any part of the equipment cover it off with your personal towel and use it. If you are going to lay down on the bench for some chest workout then cover the bench with the towel before you lay down to use it.

Wipe off your sweat with the towel and keep the towel to yourself at all times. Not to get it contaminated but also not spreading out your germs to anyone else. It is just something a bro or broette should normally do but because of the virus, this is reinforced.

Don’t Touch Your Face


A lot of time during the workout or even daily our face becomes itchy and we feel the urge to touch our face and get rid of it. Well, don’t do it anymore. Even if you feel an itchy sensation then go out of the gym floor, wash your hands, and only then itch the face.

Even with a lot of protection and awareness, there are chances you might still manage to get in contact with the virus. So, wash your hand if you want to touch your face.

Carry Sanitizer


Carry a sanitizer around with you. You cannot always keep walking out of the gym when your face it itchy. Use the sanitizer when you enter the gym, when you are done working out and when you want to itch your face.

Besides, using an alcohol-based sanitizer is advised even for general purposes as long as the world battles against the COVID-19 pandemic. So, carry a sanitizer along and keep your hygiene levels high at all times.

Wear Gloves


When you are working out wear gloves. Even gym gloves would work since wearing latex gloves is not the theme of the gym. Wear gloves but whenever you want to touch your face, remove the gloves, sanitize your hands and then touch your face. Touching your face with those gloves would be counter-productive.

Also, remember to wash the gloves daily. You don’t really need to wear any high-quality gym gloves with all the soft and hard sides and the rubber grips. Even something like cheap golf gloves would do the trick.

Stop Going to the Gym in Peak Hours


As advised by the leading world health organization don’t go to places with a lot of people. Obviously, don’t go to the gym in peak hours. Peak hours for each gym might be different but are mostly in the morning before the office hours or in the late evening after the office hours.

So, you can go during office hours since most of us are sitting at home because of the widespread or you can join a 24×7 gym and go very late at night or very early in the morning. Either way, stay away from peak hours.

Stop Attending All Classes


Don’t go to any classes whatsoever. If you were attending Zumba, Yoga, or any other group training sessions then you will have to skip out on these no matter what. Staying in a group of strangers where you don’t even know who is sick and who is not immune to it and where there is sweat and workout, it is better to stay away from it.

If you remember the routines then the workout music is generally easy to find and you can do it yourself at home. Also, if you don’t remember the routines then you can read them out on Cannot Cardio or you can find a lot of work-along routines on the internet.

Workout at Home


Well, this is the best time to start working out at home and make the most of the dumbbell and low-intensity workouts that you have learned on Cannot Cardio or during your years at the gym.

Start working out with body weights and you can find a lot of ways to replace the standard routines with body weights. Chest press can be replaced by pushups, triceps can be done with diamond pushups or with the tricep dips on the edge of any surface.

It would be a good time to invest in some household gym equipment too.

If you are determined then there is no way them virus can get in the way of your gains. It stands no chance when you make up your mind to follow your fitness journey through and through.

Okay, bros and broettes, that is for the coronavirus workout guides from Cannot Cardio. Remember to stay safe and live a healthy life. Stay connected and stay awesome!

Posted by:Sunain Banga

This is Sunain! I'm might turn up as shy at first, like I might extend my hand for a handshake and if you don't react within the next 0.03 second I'll just take it back wondering if I over did the acquaintance limits, but if you do react, I'll just take back and flee because you came out too bold and I won't be back until I don't think it is necessary to crawl out of my hole. But, when I do crawl out, you are going to have a night full of stories and a day full of well, more stories. I talk a lot. Also, I'm an Author! The title is The First Crush - at 13.

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